Thursday, February 25, 2010

Minutes of the February 3, 2010 meeting

Adanac Park Community Garden
Minutes  February 3, 2010

Chair:  Angela Kenyon
Present:  Angela Kenyon, Stuart Morris, John Van Akker, Sonja Oldershaw, Heather Creamore, Nancy McRitchie, Sue Uustal, Carol Creamore, Shannon Zander, Kristina, Pam and Brent Knott, Helen Clarke, Louise Allen, Elizabeth Lamb, Sharole Morrison, Gary Hamilton

Agenda approved
  1. Information sharing on what has happened since group last met
  2. Discussing next steps
  3. Inviting people to help create the garden
  4. Questions / answers / discussion

Information sharing:
This is a community initiative, not a co-op committee or initiative. Many thanks to Ian Gregson for getting things started. He has passed the torch and a small group has picked it up.  We have been active and have:

  1. Formed the Adanac Park Community Garden Society which is becoming incorporated as a non-profit society. The seven first directors are:  Nancy, Angela, Stuart, John, Heather, Sue and Shannon.  All gardeners will be members of the society and at each annual general meeting there will be an election of the new board. 
  2. Investigated other community gardens to find out how they have been started and how they work. There are guides to starting up community gardens, and a list of websites with excellent information.  (Action: information will be sent out to everyone, all are encouraged to read.
  3. Confirmed with Park Board the steps to get approval for the garden:
    1) get non-profit status, 2) meet with Park Board staff ( Bill Manning), 3) develop a proposal for the garden and submit it to PB staff.  4)  PB will survey the neighbourhood to see if the garden is supported.  5) Bill will submit our report and his recommendation to Park Board commissioners who will decide. 6) PB will sign a lease with the Adanac Park Community Garden Society, probably for five years.   7) we need to purchase insurance, available for about $100 year through the BC Council of Garden Clubs.
  4. We have also confirmed with Park Board : a) the proposed space of 125’ by 95’ is still fine and is supported by PB staff b) the location is on the east side of Adanac Park near to Boundary Rd, with the final spot to be sorted out once PB staff come to meet with us. c) once approved, PB crew will, at no cost to us, bring in the water to the garden and set up 3 hose bibs, remove the turf, and bring in the soil. d) PB won’t provide a fence or any materials for building the beds, or any plants. We will have to fundraise for that
Timelines:  we hope to be building the garden beginning in early summer, and have plots ready for planting for next spring.
Next steps / things that need doing:

  1. Outreach / communications: invite neighbours outside of the co-op to get involved.  Action: Nancy / Angela will create poster.  Pam, Stuart, Helen and Sue will distribute it.
  2. Hold design meetings to create a vision and plan for the garden. (March).  People should look at other garden designs and bring ideas. Stuart will share map info.
  3. Develop the proposal for the garden to Park Board, and get letters of support.
  4. Apply for grants:  application deadlines are March 31st.  
  5. Create a budget based on our design, set fees for garden plots, and start fundraising.
  6. Create guidelines for garden users that ensure we follow Park Board guidelines and that describe expectations.
  7. Build the garden: fence, shed, paths, plots, benches, place soil and gravel. This will be a lot of work throughout the summer.  Many hands are needed.
  8. Form a membership committee to keep the gardeners list and the waiting list.  This committee will probably collect the fees and get people to sign on to the guidelines. 

Meeting dates:  Second Thursday of each month, at 7 p.m., in Adanac Co-op Hall.

Next meeting:  March 11, 7:00 pm.
Agenda:  design / visioning; sign up as volunteers.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Link Roundup

There are lots of useful community garden resources on the web. Here are some of them

Taking a Virtual Tour of Vancouver's Community Gardens

It's possible to have a look at many of Vancouver's existing community gardens using Google Street View. Here's how:
  1. Go to Google Maps in your web browser (
  2. Type in the address of the community garden that you want to look at (EG - "Maple & W 6th, Vancouver, BC" for the Kitsilano Maple gardens) and press search. The main map display will be then centred on that address.

  3. Click and drag the little yellow person icon from the left side of the map onto the street location of the garden. Notice that as you drag, all the streets that have a street view change to blue.

  4. Once you release the icon, the map view will change to a street view. At this point, you can click and drag on the photo to rotate the view, and use the "+" and "-" keys to zoom in and out for a better look at stuff.

  5. To move up and down the street, you just click on the direction arrows on the street lines.

That's basically it. You can get an idea of what these gardens look like in the spring without actually physically going there in the nasty winter rain. And to get you started, here are a few direct links to some gardens:

Kitsilano Maple Community Garden
Mole Hill Community Garden
Elizabeth Rogers Community Garden
Wall Street Community Garden


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